Dark Souls 2 is an action role-playing game in which players explore a vast interconnected world, composed of both open landscapes and enclosed areas. In the early stages of Dark Souls 2, players will often find their health bar drops to yellow or red indicating that they are close to death. What makes this drop happen?

The “dark souls 2 remove health penalty” is a problem that has been present in Dark Souls 2 since the beginning. The game has received many updates to fix this issue, but it still persists.

Why Does My Health Keep Dropping in Dark Souls 2? –

When I initially started playing Dark Souls 2, I was as clueless as everyone else. As I continued through the game, I discovered how different it was from the others in certain aspects. The way the game’s health system operated was one of the differences.

There were numerous things I tried, but once my health began to deteriorate, I was at a loss as to how to restore it. Every time I died, it felt like I was simply losing health. I eventually got fed up with it and went online to hunt for a solution.

The hollowing function in Dark Souls 2 is the reason why your health is deteriorating. Basically, the more times you die, the less health you’ll have when you revive. There are a number of things you may do to keep your health bar from falling.

In Dark Souls 2, there are a variety of techniques to keep your health bar from dropping:

  • Make use of a human effigy.
  • Through cooperative play, you may assist other players.
  • Equip the Binding Ring
  • Do not perish.
  • Bosses must be defeated.
  • Avoid being cursed or petrified.
  • Keep an eye on your health bar.

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Make use of a human effigy.


Human Effigies are probably going to be one of your most valuable possessions in Dark Souls 2. As you keep dying, your health bar will drain slowly and give you less health each time. When you Make use of a human effigy., your humanity will return and allow you to regain full health back when you rest at a bonfire.

I’ve witnessed a number of individuals becoming angry and burning Human Effigies at a bonfire because they were instructed to use one to restore their health by others. When a Human Effigy is burned at a campfire, it prevents you from being invaded. It does not restore your health bar to its previous state.

You have to Make use of a human effigy. as you would an Estus Flask; any other way won’t give your humanity back. There are a limited number of Human Effigies in the world that you could find on the ground or buy from a merchant. Try not to use too many however because you will run out and be stuck at 50% health.

Through cooperative play, you may assist other players.

Another way to regain full health is to Through cooperative play, you may assist other players.. To help someone, you must first find a White Sign Soapstone which is found in the Forest of Fallen Giant. When you finally receive it, go into your inventory. Click and use it in an area that you know there is a lot of people in.

Once you’ve placed a summon sign on the ground, anybody with humanity may summon you to their planet. The only thing you have to do after you’ve been called is assist the host in defeating the world’s boss. Your mission will be completed if you defeat the boss, and you will be returned home.

Your humanity will have been restored, and you will be returned to full health when you return to your planet. It will not, however, restore your health if you die before defeating the monster. Keep in mind that every individual the host brings into the world boosts the boss’s health by a factor of two.

Equip the Binding Ring

The Ring of Binding is an essential equipable since it allows you to lose up to 25% of your total health instead of 50% when you die. It will benefit you in the long run if you run out of Human Effigies.

You may settle for the Ring of Life Protection or the Ring of Soul Protection if you don’t want to or can’t obtain this ring. When the player dies, the Ring of Life Protection enables them to retain their humanity. When the player wears the Ring of Soul Protection, they may retain their souls when they die.

The sole disadvantage of possessing these rings is that they shatter every time they are triggered and must be mended. Each ring in the original Dark Souls 2 costs 3,000 souls to repair. Each soul costs 14,000 souls in Scholar of the First Sin edition.

I’d suggest going with the Ring of Binding over the other two rings since the other two may become expensive if you die a lot in the game. I’m not a great fan of Dark Souls 2’s hollowing mechanisms, but that’s how the game was designed.

Do not perish.


The major reason you’re losing health is because 5 percent of your health is taken away every time you die due to the character’s hollowing. If you have died enough times, 50 percent of your health will be stolen. Because I was not particularly adept at the game, I had a lot of difficulties dying.

I was continually employing Human Effigies, which was a major error, and I found myself using them more and more as the game progressed. To avoid dying a lot in the game, I suggest continuously upgrading your health, stamina, and weapon damage to help you battle against the tougher adversaries.

Keep grinding for souls and avoid using Human Effigies as much as possible; it will save you a lot of grief in the long term. If you have the ability, try playing the game with just half of your health and see how you fair against all of the monsters. Don’t be overly concerned about your impending execution.

Bosses must be defeated.


Defeating a boss is a fantastic way to reclaim your humanity. Every time you overcome a boss, you reclaim your humanity. Dark Souls 2 has a total of 42 bosses, including the DLCs, and each of them restores your humanity.

Since there are just so many bosses, try not to Make use of a human effigy. because you can just beat a boss every once and a while and regain your health back. The bosses are very easy in Dark Souls 2, except maybe the DLC bosses; and it is a very easy way to get your humanity back.

Because of the system that enables other human players to step in and aid the boss battle you, the Looking Glass Knight was my favorite boss fight in the game. In Dark Souls 2, there are a plethora of bosses to face. Without the bosses, Dark Souls 2 would not be the game it is.

Avoid being cursed or petrified.


If you don’t know how to cope with being cursed, it may be incredibly frustrating. It reduces your health by 30%, and if you die again, it reduces your health by a total of 50%. Curse is incurable, and there are only a few methods to free yourself of it. Certain foes, such as the Lion Claw Warriors, may curse you, while the Cursevessel Traps can also curse you.

Curse buildup can be cancelled through spells and Divine Blessings; and, if you equip the Ring of Resistance or Cursebite Ring, it will slow it down drastically. If you get the Hollow Skin Helmet in the DLC, then you will be immune to Curse. You can also Make use of a human effigy. to reverse the effects of the Curse.

Petrification is worse than death in the sense that it causes your body to turn to stone and you to die regardless of your health bar. When you resurrect, it additionally takes away 30% of your health rather than the basic 5%.

Keep an eye on your health bar.


It’s critical to keep an eye on your health bar, which is quite self-explanatory when you think about it. Any Dark Souls 2 player’s worst error is not utilizing the Estus Flasks at the proper moment and not keeping an eye on their health bar. I’ve been in a lot of boss battles when I’ve neglected my health bar and lost the fight.

Why should I keep an eye on my health bar? First and foremost, you should monitor it so that you can plan your next move based on what the adversary or boss will do. Second, you should keep an eye on it since you need to discover the best time to recover. Third, you should monitor it to see how much health you lost as a result of Hollowing from your previous death.


My least favorite Dark Souls game is Dark Souls 2. I didn’t like for the health mechanic since it was so different from the others. All I’m suggesting is that you should play the game at least once to see how it compares to the others.

Don’t let my view deter you from playing the game, and don’t give up after giving it a go. There are several things that may be done to restore a player’s health, but some of them are more difficult to do. Consider purchasing this Dark Souls 2 guide on Amazon if you’re having problems with the game.

Either heal or don’t heal your health bar. Some individuals like the challenge of having less health, and I would strongly advise anybody to play the game only for that reason.

The “dark souls 2 human effigy” is a game mechanic that allows players to regain health. However, if the player dies and their health drops below 10%, they will die permanently. This can be frustrating when you’re trying to beat a boss or get through a difficult area.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much health can you lose Dark Souls 2?

A: The maximum health you can lose in Dark Souls 2 is 10% of your total.

How do I increase my health in Dark Souls 2?

A: There are no health items in Dark Souls 2. Instead, you can increase your maximum HP by leveling up or using the various consumables that vendors sell throughout the game.

Is there a penalty for dying in Dark Souls 2?

A: In Dark Souls 2, there is no penalty for dying.

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