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The “Underground Tunnels near paris” is a game that was released in 2016. The game has been around for quite some time, and the developers have stated that they will continue to update it.

Underground Tunnels

Returning to Gris


Swim over the pools to the left from the bottom of the temple, past the turtle emblem, and down into the subterranean passages. Make your way through the dark tunnels and fall in the lake below by crashing down on the shattered ledge. Climb out of the dark passageways and continue on your way.

When you arrive to the weight, slam it against the wall to lower it. Make your way to a damaged building. Climb to the very top and leap from the cliff. Quickly use the heavy ability and descend through the water like a rock.


To get to the next ledge, keep to the right and utilize the red birds. You’ll reach a massive water tree. When you finish the level, you’ll be back here. For the time being, go via the right-hand tunnel.

Ascend the mushrooms. One of them is a bit out of the ordinary. When you jump on it, you’ll see small red sparks. To release the small red birds, slam it down.


Fly up to the water and float up to the ledge above with them. Memento #1 may be found on a mushroom to the right. Continue to the weights by descending to the right. To get to the bottom, slam down on the first one to the left and then the one to the right.


Slid down the stairs and to the left. The following section is a little more difficult. Fly over the tower with the red birds and then use Heavy once you’re on the opposite side. Once you’re in the water, veer to the right as much as possible so you may float up on the right side.


Drop down to a temple by smashing the following two ledges. To activate the next ability, you’ll need to locate two stars. One is on the left, while the other is on the right.

You’ll find a new mechanic if you go right first. The air freezes every few seconds, and Gris’ shape is frozen. Turn into a cube at the first crystal wall and wait for it to freeze. Jump from the cube to the other side of the wall.

The right-hand scales must be balanced. Freeze a cube underneath the one that is taller, then leap to the top of it and bash it down. The cube will stop it, and the weights should be equal. This activates the stone circle above you, allowing you to capture the Star.


The left side is a lot like the right. To get past the initial crystal wall, use a frozen cube. Then stack two cubes on top of each other to produce a high enough leap to reach the second Star.


Return to the temple and you will be able to swim. Dive into the water below and continue to descend. Once you’ve gone a long way down, look to the right for a hidden cave where Memento #2 may be found.


Continue swimming down until you come upon a star fleeing. It will lead you to a darker region with a turtle shell. To activate it, you’ll need 6 stars. One star may be found in each of the corner tunnels.

The Star who was fleeing may be found in the upper right tunnel. Chase it all the way to the top, then jump out of the water. Change to the Heavy stance quickly and you should be able to catch up.


A star and a souvenir may be found in the corridor at the bottom right. Follow the road to the right until you reach the ruins. To the right, dive into the water. Make your way to the Star via the submerged building. You’ll have to investigate the chambers since some of the walls can be swum through while others cannot.

Swim down into a new route after you obtain the star. Carry on to the left until you find the little red birds/fish. Before the exit, swim up and take a little channel that leads up. Fly up to the water above with them.


Follow the underwater corridor until you reach the top of the ruins, where Memento #3 may be found. Break the jar open to let the birds out and use them to escape. Return to the heart of the city.

Swim down into the darkness below before moving on to the next star. You’ll locate a hidden passage going to a statue if you hug the left-hand wall. The fourth stage of the Five Stages of Grief, Depression, is completed by finding the statue.


Return to the top and follow the trail to the left. You must utilize the small red birds to fly up to the water above in order to complete this puzzle. Swim around the tree to the opposite side and descend. Pick up the small red birds once again and fly them up the tree’s core to the Star above.

Return to the turtle and follow the route on the top left. To complete this problem, you must climb a tower with the right side submerged in water. To go all the way to the top, use the small red birds and your double leap. For the last Star, swim back down the right side.

Return to the turtle, and it will be activated now that you have the stars. We’ll follow the turtle of light further into these subterranean passageways in the following section.

Black Bird on the Back Turtle of Light is up next.


The “underground tunnels across the united states” is a list of underground tunnels that are located in the United States. The tunnels are used for commercial and recreational purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there underground tunnels in the US?

A: Unfortunately, there are no known underground tunnels in the US.

What is underground tunnel?

A: Underground tunnel is a passage, subway or hallway that has been constructed underground and beneath any above ground work. Tunneling can be used to create very long tunnels with sharp curves called turns. Tunnels allow better surface access than bridges, as they have less friction on the surfaces due to the lower air pressure at depth.

Are there underground tunnels in England?

A: Yes there are underground tunnels in England, but they were built during the Victorian era. The most famous one is called the London Underground and its made of brick.

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