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Trayus Academy


1) Exit to Malachor V Depths – This is where the Trayus Academy is located. You’ll have to choose between taking #3, 4 or 5 to the Trayus Crescent and eventually back here at #7, or taking the exit at #6 to the Proving Grounds and returning to the entrance at #8. In any case, you must go to exit #10, which leads to the Trayus Core.

2) Elite Sith Assassin – No matter which route you follow, you’ll have to fight several Sith factions along the road. Sith Lords, Dark Jedi, and Sith Assassins will be among them.

3) Exit to Trayus Crescent – Enter Trayus Crescent using one of these three entrances. This is the western trail that finally goes around to #7, where you may confront Darth Sion.

4) Take the Trayus Crescent exit.

5) Take the Trayus Crescent exit.

6) Trayus Proving Grounds Exit – This is the eastern road that finally goes around to the #8 entrance where you may confront Darth Sion.

7) From Trayus Crescent, enter.

8) Trayus Proving Grounds Entrance

9) Darth Sion – You’ll have three opportunities to speak with Darth Sion throughout the fight. Each time, attempt to persuade him that fighting is pointless and that the Kreia is just manipulating him. If you succeed, his Will Saves, Constitution, and Wisdom modifiers will all be reduced, making the combat simpler and easier. Darth Sion will eventually fall for the final time, allowing you to go to the Trayus Core.

10) Return to Trayus Core – If you traveled to Trayus Crescent, you may wish to visit Proving Grounds one final time to utilize a Workbench. The decisive fight is just around the corner.

If you wish to rescue your buddies, go to the Proving Grounds first. The route is quite straightforward. Locate the jail cells and utilize the Prison Console to unlock the doors, allowing your teammates to escape. Of course, if you’re very evil, you may opt to murder them all!

Continue through the proving grounds and return to the Trayus Academy through the exit. You’ll encounter a lot of Sith along the route, so make sure you’re prepared.

If you wish to explore the whole region, go to the exit (#7) after defeating Darth Sion in the Academy (#9) and then explore the other map. It’s very straightforward, so you shouldn’t get lost, but there are some difficult fights and a lot of experience points to be gained. Take the exit to the Trayus Core (#10) after you’re finished.


As soon as you enter the Core, Kreia transforms into Darth Traya. Because this is the last fight, utilize all of your buffs and greatest equipment. You’ll be up against Kreia in the opening round. You should be able to deal with her fairly quickly merely by healing up a few times since she only has a single lightsaber.

The second round is a bit riskier since Kreia will send three lightsabers to fight alongside you. Either beat Kreia once again or take out the three lightsabers one by one. To confront the lightsabers one at a time, I propose fleeing and turning around. If they surround you, flee until you are able to isolate a single lightsaber. The game will conclude whenever the lightsabers have been vanquished or you have beaten Kreia for the second time.

Thank you for finishing Knights of the Old Republic 2!


Trayus Academy is a companion app for the game “Trayus”. The app includes a list of companions and their statuses. It also has a chat option, which allows players to communicate with other players in-game. Reference: trayus academy companions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where was the Trayus Academy?

A: The Trayus Academy is the ancient Sith academy on Korriban that belonged to the long-defunct Empire.

How old was Darth Sion?

A: Darth Sion is a Sith Lord. He was born on the planet Korriban around 3,000 BBY and died in battle circa 2,500 BBY.

Who defeated the Sith triumvirate?

A: The Sith triumvirate was defeated by the Jedi Order.

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