In July of 2019, the Moon will be visible to Earth for the first time in over 3 years. Some have called this a ‘Big Bang type event’. NASA predicts that portions of earth might experience light from moon before it becomes visible because of dust particles on its surface.

The “facts about the moon” is a large, natural satellite that orbits Earth. It’s been around for 4.5 billion years and has changed shape many times over that time period. The Moon is made up mostly of rock and soil, with a surface layer of ice and dust.

The Moon

Returning to Hand of Fate 2


Gather 12 Conspirators and discover a hidden entrance to the Palace.

Special Rules: There are gates on some of the maps that lead to other districts. Each time you want to pass, you’ll have to battle or sneak past the guards.

This job is simple enough, but identifying all 12 conspirators for the Gold token is more difficult. There are a total of 12 conspirators, so you’ll have to track them down all. Bring cards that will increase your chances of winning gambits. Especially the dice gambit, since one of the conspirators demands that you roll an 18 on three dice. If you fail to sneak away undetected with a dice roll, some of the people may condemn you.

The initial map is divided into two halves, with Patrolling Soldiers in the middle. Make sure you investigate the whole first side before facing the troops if you want the Gold Token.

The Gold Token may be obtained in the following ways:

A Pageant Wagon – Go to the traveling theater and volunteer to be one of the players in the performance. Make a nice show for the audience (kiss the Hag, eat the cake, etc.) and make sure you choose “Denounce the Empire” as your last conversation choice. Herda the Aproned (1/12 Conspirators) will swear her allegiance to your cause.

If you put on a nice show and win several gold coins in the Wheel Gambit, Old Patton will be so pleased that he will join your cause as well (2/12 Conspirators).

The Cemetery — In the cemetery, you’ll encounter Tomas, a gravedigger, and Hild, an elderly woman. Accept Hild’s invitation to accompany her to her husband’s burial. “Follow her inside the tomb” as she arrives at the tomb. Inside, it’s a bit of a labyrinth. To find her, go east, north, and finally west. Place the flowers NEXT to the hole after you’ve reached the inner sanctuary, and Hild the Deceased will join you (3/12 Conspirators).

“Search in the indicated direction” when you return to Tomas. You’ll be confronted with a gigantic bulk. You may either attack it, call for aid, or reason with it to overcome it. On a Dice Gambit, each of these alternatives takes an 18+. You can also win by rolling any amount of triples, although this is likely to be more difficult. Tomas the Gravedigger will join your side if you return to him (4/12 Conspirators).

The Apothecary – The Apothecary is a great place to meet individuals who share your interests. Look for another way in. Jorhelm the Twin will offer his services to your cause if you greet the bird-like lady (5/12 Conspirators). Throw a hefty bag of gold on the counter when you discover the owner, Mullen. For this choice, you’ll need at least 50 gold. Mullen the Apothecary (6/12 Conspirators) will join your cause.

When you carry the Amber Bottles outdoors, the townspeople will be so thrilled that Jon the Blacksmith (7/12 Conspirators) and Harriet the Widow (8/12 Conspirators) will join your cause.

The Corrupted Borough – Agree to enter the corrupted borough when you encounter the guy at the wall. Explore the neighborhood and win a Precision Gambit to discover Feran the Silversmith (9/12 Conspirators), who will join your cause.

Now go to the source of the moaning, which is a horde of infected. Defeat them by attacking them. The residents will be amazed, and among them will be Lenna the Bal Maiden, who will join your cause (10/12 Conspirators).

Return to the borough and you’ll come upon an ancient school. You may use it to look for materials. When you depart, you’ll run across Jannis the Twin, who will promise to help you (11/12 Conspirators).

Finally, “Sneak Lenna and Feran over the wall” and flee the town. Defeat the tainted. You’ll only have to deal with an Abomination here if you fought the corrupted before. You’ll all be able to leave if you defeat it in under 2 minutes. You’ll encounter Tolan the Weaver along the journey, who will join you (12/12 Conspirators).

Make your way to the Church of Fires for the climactic encounter after you’ve discovered all 12 Conspirators.

The Chained Ogre and General Flinthallow:


You’ll be up against not simply an Ogre, but also a General. It was easier for me to flee the Ogre and murder everyone else first. Be prepared to roll out of the area of impact when the General rains down arrows on you.

When you’re left with the Ogre, attempt to roll to the sides under his blows. Some of his strikes can be blocked, but if you’re not sure about the time, just move out of the path. The task will be completed after he and the General have been defeated.

The Sun is up next.

Hand of Fate 2 is a sequel to Hand of Fate.


The “the moon tarot” is a card game that uses the imagery of the moon to tell stories. The game has been around for centuries and is still popular today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are 5 facts about the moon?

A: The moon is the only natural satellite of Earth. Its gravitational pull keeps our tides in check, and it reflects a small amount of sunlight back to us throughout the day. It takes 27 days for its oval orbit around Earth to travel completely around it once. There are no plants on its surface, but scientists think that there might be water ice at the bottom. We have sent six people so far on lunar missions since 1969, with more planned in future years

What is so special about the moon?

A: The moon is special because its unique in that there are no other objects or celestial bodies nearby to gravitationally pull on the Earth. This allows for its shape and size, which we can see from earth with our naked eye, to be mostly determined by gravity instead of energy.

What is the moon for kids?

A: The moon is a natural satellite that orbits the Earth. It has existed since before humans began to populate this planet and it will continue in orbit until the end of time.

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