Rubacava is a multiplayer game where players must work together to create the most delicious soup. It’s an experience that lasts just a few minutes, but has sparked conversations on diverse topics like world peace and environmentalism. By playing it, you’re helping build an open source social network with content created by people all over the world.

Rubacava is a game that was originally released in 1998. It was later remastered and rereleased on Steam in 2013. The game takes place in the fictional city of Rubacava, where you play as Manny Calavera, an employee of the Department of Death who must solve puzzles while navigating through this strange new world.

Rubacava (Part 1)


You start on the balcony, with a view of the docks. The Calavera Cafe welcomes you. This is your workstation. Pick up the Letter from Salvador on your desk by walking to the left.

Leave the office and descend the stairwell. Glottis may be seen playing the piano. If you wish, descend the stairs and chat with Glottis. Take the Gold-Flaked Liquor and go over to the bar.

Return to the top of the stairs and chat with Lupe at the desk. Put an end to the chat by exiting via the red doors on the left. A cut-scene will appear if you go down the stairs. Manny will once again tumble into the ocean and be saved by Velasco, the port master.

Because Rubacava is such a huge area, finding all of the spots may take some time. You’ll be at a different location with the harbor master after the cutscene. Discuss everything with him until he agrees to let you board the ship if certain criteria are satisfied. These include if one of his employees, Naranja, fails to show up for work, whether Glottis has the necessary equipment, and whether Manny can get a Maritime Union Card.

Take the left exit. You’ll arrive at a circular platform. To get to the Blue Casket, take the exit to the north. On the left side of the hotel, there is a lift. Take the stairwell on the left side of the elevator when you reach the top. Return to the Calavera Cafe by following the sign and ascending the steps.

Go downstairs to the bar, then return to the Roulette Room via the rear entrance. Manny will grab his Ticket Printer if you speak with Charlie on the right. If you can get Charlie’s money back from Max, he’ll agree to manufacture a Union Card. He’ll also offer you his High Rollers club VIP card.

Leave the room and hand over the VIP Card to Glottis, who will instantly begin gaming.

Return to the Calavera and take the lift down. To get to the ancient building and railroad tracks, take the right exit and go south. To extend the bridge over the river, pull the right-hand lever. To get to the Cat Races, run across the street and up the stairs. Continue to the right and examine the Plaque on the giant cat model’s casing. Some of these information will come in handy later.

Enter the cat sand pit via the right-hand entrance. Take the Can Opener from the huge can on the right’s top shelf and exit the room. Go down the screen, then up the stairwell. There are two betting windows in this room. One on the right and one that you can’t see on the left. Manny will take a peek over the balcony at the cat races the first time you visit this section.

Back up to the point where you can see the betting window on the right and take the stairs immediately to the right of it. Take the elevator to the High Rollers nightclub.


To get to the kitchen, go through the arches. Pick up the Turkey Baster from the bottom left corner of the screen on the cart. Allow a moment for the waiter to enter. He’ll enter the walk-in closet. Close the doors behind him and then lock them with the Scythe.

Glottis will eventually descend and finish the remaining wine from the enormous keg. Climb up the ladder, open the keg with the Can Opener, and then climb inside. You’ll be escorted to a storage facility.

Climb on the forklift and maneuver it through the automated doors and into the elevator. The forklift’s prongs must be pushed through the fence and the lift must be stopped to get entry to a hidden level. The forklift should be positioned such that the prongs are facing the gate. Climb back aboard the forklift and quickly hold the forwards key after pressing the Red Button.

The prongs will get stuck in a hidden tunnel if you’re fast enough. Click the Exit button to exit the forklift, then go around to the other side and pull the Lever to raise the prongs up.


Run down the corridor and get the Suitcase. Charlie will take your luggage and provide you with a Maritime Union Card. Make your way to the Blue Casket from the Cat Races. 25:50

Follow the waiter out to the rear of the Blue Casket. Make contact with Lola. She’ll capture a picture of Olivia and Nick throughout the talk. When the others have left, speak with Olivia and then finish the discussion.

Enter the kitchen via the doors on the left. Use the Turkey Baster on the dishwater after the waiter has left. Get out of the kitchen. Speak with the three men on the right who are sitting at a table with a red book. They’ll lend you the Red Book if you show them the Letter from Salvador.

Return to the Calavera Cafe by taking the elevator from the Blue Casket. At the main desk, speak with Lupe. She has a message from Lola for you. The letter is empty, although it was intended to include a key. Take the Calavera but don’t take the lift down.

Walk down the stairwell in front of the elevator this time. To get to the morgue, go through the metal doors at the bottom of the ship-like structure. Membrillo is the person to talk to. He’s attempting to determine the identities of two corpses.

Take the elevator down to the lowest level after leaving the mortuary. To go to the High Rollers club, go to the Cat Racers. Take a right and approach Nick, who is seated at the table.

Inform him that you need legal assistance. Tell him you’re attempting to adopt Glottis when he asks why. Play to his ego as much as you can till you can threaten to inform Max about him and Olivia. Pick up the Cigarette Case after he goes.

Rubacava is up next (Part 2)

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