Railroad Wrath is a 3D rail-shooter game where you have to be the train engineer, leading your locomotive through dangerous terrain. The faster and more efficient you are as an engineer, the higher score you’ll get. You will need quick reflexes in order to avoid obstacles like mountains, valleys and other trains on tracks that only go one way!

The “railroad wrath sheet music” is a song from the game of the same name. It was composed by Jesper Kyd and performed by Nathan McCree.

Railroad Wrath

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The Phantom Express is Inkwell Isle 3’s last boss battle. After finishing the Dramatic Fanatic level, it becomes accessible. The fight is divided into three stages.

The Spectre (Phase 1)

The apparition emerges from the train’s back window, releasing eyes that drift towards you. You have the option of shooting them or avoiding them. To add insult to injury, a flying pumpkin will dump pink bricks upon the train car’s pink valves. Depending on whatever valve is triggered, the rail car will travel forward or backward. To physically move the train car, gently smack the pink valves.

Attempt to avoid the spectre by shooting the eyballs and the boss until he is destroyed.

Skeletal Conductor (Phase 2)

A massive skeleton erupts from the train’s midsection. You must continue to shoot its head while avoiding its hands, which are attempting to crush you. Parry smack the valves to keep the head under control so you can keep blasting it. The flying pumpkins are still present, and if they manage to pull the rail car away from the skeleton’s skull, they may completely derail your operation. You’ll progress to the second final phase if the conductor has sustained enough damage.

Twin Pistons (Phase 3)

As they go around the track, the pistons will take turns attacking by blasting out waves of electricity. The far left and far right corners are the safe zones. You may safely assault the pistons from here. A swarm of little ghosts will descend on you. They’ll drop a pink ball when they’re slain, and if it strikes the rail car’s valve, it’ll move the rail car. When the ghosts aren’t right over the valves, try to kill them.

To beat this monster, you must destroy each pistons independently.

Phase 4: Locomotive Racing

The train’s front end will begin galloping like a horse. A pink light bulb serves as its tail. When you lightly smack the pink light bulb, the center opens for around 10 seconds, displaying its heart. To inflict harm on the monster, shoot the heart.

Embers and Bone Rings are two types of assaults to be aware of. Bone Rings will be thrown at you by the train. Keep an eye out for them while hitting the heart. As soon as the heart is uncovered, embers will shoot out, providing you even more obstacle to avoid.

Continue firing the heart and parrying the pink light bulb tail until the Phantom Express monster is eventually vanquished.

Rugged Ridge is up next.

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