The latest game in the Nod series, Nod 7: Sick and Dying has a new campaign mode that pits players against one of four deadly diseases. Players navigate through different parts of the world to find vaccines and cures for these illnesses while attempting to escape from malignant outbreaks within their own city. The developer is encouraging healthy competition with this new feature, but some gamers are skeptical about how much they’ll really get out of it as long as all players can’t play at once.

Nod 9a is a game that has been released by the company NOD. The game is set in the future where humans have been wiped out and all of their memories are stored on a computer called “NOD”. The player takes on the role of an agent who must find out what happened to NOD’s memory files.

Nod 7: Sick and Dying or Orca Heist

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Sick and Dying (Mission 7A)

[Gabon – Southwest Route]


The local villagers have staked a claim to a Tiberium field on this land. GDI soldiers are also present. Your goal is to wipe out all GDI soldiers and destroy the people.

Send your troops south, then west, down a winding road. You’ll eventually arrive at a town. Deal with the GDI soldiers and blow up the church in the hopes of obtaining a money box. For the time being, ignore the GDI base to the south.

Exit the town on the northwestern edge and go eastward. You’ll arrive at a little base that you may command. Repair the structures and construct an airstrip. Build a second Refinery as soon as possible to boost your earnings.

The GDI troops will attack your base with waves of soldiers and a few Medium Tanks. Tanks may be sent along the northern ridge, so keep an eye out.

Recruit a dozen Small Tanks and a few Scout Bikes to form a force. Return them to town and demolish the Guard Towers before heading inside the base to destroy the Construction Yard and other structures. The objective will be completed after you have destroyed all opposing troops.

Sick and Dying (Mission 7B)

[Cameroon – Northwest Route]


To begin, you’ll need an MCV and some Nod units. Build a Power Plant, Refinery, and Barracks using the MCV. Because you have so much Tiberium, construct a second refinery and an airstrip. You just have to be concerned about assaults from the south.

Head south, then east, to reach the GDI base after you have a battalion of Small Tanks and other units. To complete the task, demolish all structures and opposing troops before continuing north to eliminate the civilian village.

Orca Heist is Mission 7B.

[Orca Theft – Eastern Route]


Your troops have been divided into two groups. Vehicles are on the western ridge, while infantry and a Small Tank are on the eastern route.

All of your cars should be grouped on the western crest and moved to the west. For the time being, keep them underneath the Tiberium field. Gunboats patrol to the north, so keep them out of range if you want to keep them alive for long.

Keep the Engineers behind you with the second group. To deal with the Grenadiers, move the Flamers down one by one. A Medium Tank may attack you if it notices you from the ridge to the west. If it appears after you, attack it with your Small Tank and use your Rocket Infantry to destroy it.

Allow your tank to attack the Guard Tower to the south, then use your Rocket Infantry to demolish it. Another tank may be found in this base. Try to take it out and then use your tank to run over all of the soldiers.

Take over the Helipad, Weapons Factory, and Barracks with the Engineers. Wait for the Harvester to return and then take over the Refinery. Remove the remaining soldiers and, if necessary, bring your other set of vehicles down to assist.

Once you’ve got the Helipad, a flare will alert you to the northern town you need to take down. Send the Orca up there, but first concentrate on eliminating the GDI Rocket Infantry, since they are the only ones who can harm the Orca. The assignment will be completed after the settlement has been destroyed.

The following mission is Nod Mission 8: New Construction Options.

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Nod is a third-person shooter video game that has been around for quite a while. The “nod final mission” is the last level of the game, which is always difficult to complete.

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