Nar Shaddaa is a “hive of scum and villainy”, an expansive desert world where the Empire has stretched its influence to create a lawless haven. The streets are crowded with rowdy citizens fighting for their own survival in the seedy underworld. Amidst this chaos can be found hints that it was not always this way: relics dating back to the time when Nar Shadda was a shining jewel among other planets in both wealth and culture.,

The “nar shaddaa kotor 2” is a game that takes place on the planet Nar Shaddaa. The game includes many different locations and characters from the Star Wars universe.

Nar Shaddaa


1) Landing Pad – In the Refugee sector, you’ll land on one of the landing pads. Sadly, this pad has already been claimed. Quello will demand payment once you leave. You have the option of threatening him or paying him. In any case, once the Red Eclipse group arrives, there will be mayhem.

To the east, take the corridor. You’ll run across several Exchange thugs as you round the corner. You have the option of eliminating them or allowing them to taunt the person for LS or DS points. There are also a few migrants here who will beg for money. If you assist them, Kreia will speak with you. Agree with her in order to have greater power over her.

2) Workbench – There is a workbench here, however the Airspeeder Navigation Interface is located in a neighboring container. One of the things required to fix a Serroco gang airspeeder that has broken down.

3) Tienn Tubb and TT-32 – You’ll first encounter TT-32, a robot that requests you to assist him in retrieving a droid that was sold to Kodin, a droid parts seller, at #9. You’ll gain a Renewable Droid Shield if you do.

Once you have a Blank Transponder Card for the Ebon Hawk, Tienn Tubb will assist you.

4) Vossk, an ex-bounty hunter — Ask Vossk about the various groups and bounty hunters on Nar Shaddaa, and he’ll tell you about them.

5) Who is the owner of the Ebon Hawk? – Yes, it is correct. Ratrin Vhek, who claims to be the owner of the Ebon Hawk, will appear. Except for the fact that he knows where the concealed compartments are, he has no evidence of ownership. Accept the Ebon Hawk in exchange for LS points or kill him in exchange for DS points. If you give him the ship or instruct him to go, he’ll attempt to reclaim the Ebon Hawk nonetheless, and the Red Eclipse gang will murder him.

6) Oondar the Bad Merchant – On the opposite side of this section #8, Oondar competes with Geeda. They will request that you remove the other vendor. You may tell either Oondar or Geeda to leave, but you’ll lose access to their stuff if you do.

7) Exchange Boss – Something went wrong with a contract with an Exchange Boss. They’ll turn on you as soon as you enter the room. You will get reputation with the Exchange if you kill them.

8) Geeda the Good Merchant – Geeda will sell you several common household things. When you return to her later in the game, she’ll have a much greater selection of stuff for sale.

9) Kodin, Droid Parts Merchant – If you’ve seen TT-32 at #3, you can purchase the IT-31 droid for 500 credits, which you can Persuade down to 150 credits. Get the droid for free by threatening Kodin for DS points.

After you’ve acquired IT-31, communicate with it and return it to TT-32. Return with the droid and talk with TT-32 to get your prize.

10) Swoop Racing – The swoop racing area is this chamber and the following room. Lupo has been deceiving the swoop racers by pitting them against an unstoppable droid, C9-T9.

If you speak with Borna Lys, she’ll be able to disable the robot, making the swoop racing more equitable for everyone else. Use Repair or Computer on the console adjacent to the C9-T9 droid to persuade her for the Access Codes. You’ll be able to look for anomalies and sabotage it in some manner.

Convince Lupo to sell Swoop Racing to Borna by speaking with him. Return to Borna, and she will reward you. Swoop Racing may now be entered with a decent chance of winning.

Once you’ve cleared this section, go to one of the other three regions through one of the exits.

11) Make your way to the Promenade of Entertainment.

12) Return to the Docks

13) Return to the Refugee Quadrangle

Promenade of Entertainment


1) Take the exit to the Refugee Landing Pad.

2) Twik’gar and Kallah-Nah – As you enter the Promenade of Entertainment there will be a couple of thugs on the left, Twik’gar and his friend. They’re asking about a Pazaak player called Geredi. You can convince Geredi to come out or just leave the thugs waiting. Geredi is one of three Pazaak players you need to beat in order to meet the Champion so this is one way to get rid of him if you don’t want to play him properly.

Kallah-Nar is a little figure that lives on the other side of the door. If you chat with him after speaking with the Pazaak Den guard, you will be able to learn the Pazaak Den’s password. Second, you may use the exchange to determine your present status. To meet with Visquis, the local Exchange leader, you must have a specific level of reputation with the Exchange. You may also give Kallah-Nar 2,000 credits to increase your stading with the Exchange, although this isn’t essential if you complete the other objectives.

3) Pazaak Den Door Guard – If you don’t say the password, the guard won’t allow you in. To find out the passcode, speak with Kallah-Nar at #2.

4) Pazaak Den – In order to face the Pazaak Champion, you must defeat three Pazaak players in this area. You’ll either have to beat them three times before they give up and realize you’re superior, or you’ll have to employ cunning and tactics.

S4-C8 — This droid is a huge fan of Pazaak. You can play a few games with it and attempt to defeat it, or you can persuade the droid to let you peek into its code. You can change the programming to make it less hooked to Pazaak, and you’ll have one fewer opponent to defeat.

Dahnis – This lovely lady is just Atton’s style. She’ll let Atton win if he’s in your party so she may flirt with him. There are two down and one to go.

Geredi – If you want to stay on the Light Side, you’ll have to defeat him three times. Otherwise, inform him that his “friends” are waiting outside for him.

The Champion will appear once all three players have been defeated or have withdrawn from the game. Try to defeat Pazaak three times if you truly like playing him. Otherwise, persuade him that always winning isn’t pleasant. He’ll agree and hand you the “Tiebreaker +/- 1,” one of the greatest Pazaak cards.

5) Bar – The bartender, several goons, and a dance trainer are among the personalities you’ll encounter here. This is an optional region, but you must visit it to get access to Vogga Hutt’s treasure (A quest given at the Docks).

You can get Juma Juice from the bartender here if you’ve traveled to the Docks and figured out how to get inside Vogga’s hoard. Vogga’s Kath Hounds will be put to sleep by the Juice.

Domo, the dancing coach, will bemoan the fact that there aren’t enough dancers. You may dance alone, or if the Handmaiden is in your group, she will dance as well. This isn’t essential since the goons in this area will instruct you on how to communicate with Vogga.

You may overhear Vogga’s goons discussing about how no one can see Vogga unless they have something to say about Goto if you put your stealth field on and approach them in the southern partition.


1) Take the exit to the Refugee Landing Pad. – As you step into this area you’ll be confronted by a couple of Exchange Thugs. You can intimidate them to let you through or kill them. Killing them will allow some of the Refugees in this area to escape once you find them later.

2) Geriel – This guy is unwell and has plague signs, but you can treat him if you have enough Treat Injury skill points for Light Side points. You’ll get Dark Side points if you can persuade him to commit suicide.

3) Refugee Center — the majority of the refugees congregate in this big area. The Exchange controls the western half of the map, while the Serroco gang controls the eastern half.

Hussef — Speak with Hussef to discover more about the refugees and how the Exchange and the Serroco gang have walled them in on both sides. You may assist them by contacting with one or both of these organizations. Persuade Hussef that they are doomed if you want DS points, and the Exchange boss, Saquesh, will reward you handsomely.

Aaida – She’s hunting for Lootra, her companion. You’ll know he’s still alive if you’ve gone to the docks. To let her escape, you’ll need to murder the Exchange thugs protecting the exit. If you’ve frightened the thugs, killing their leader, Saquesh, is the only way to get them to fight again.

Naddaa – Her daughter #4 has been kidnapped by The Exchange. Try to assist her for LS points. You’ll be able to arrange for her release later. Return to Naddaa for LS points after rescuing Adara.

Kaul – If you offer him 20 credits, he’ll tell you how to loot containers in stealth mode so the guards don’t spot you.

Kahranna is a character in the game Kahranna. She’s on the lookout for a way off this moon. You may either pretend to buy the pilot she’s searching for and get DS points, or you can tell her you’ll assist her in finding someone. At the Docks, you’ll discover assistance for her.

Odis – Is seeking for a pilot job but doesn’t have a Freighter. Fassa at the Docks can help you arrange a Freighter for him or the Lunar Shadow Crewmen.

Twi’leks – These two will leave you with a strange message that Atton isn’t who he seems. You may try talking to Atton about it, but you won’t obtain much information from him until you have a lot of power over him.

4) Adana – This is Naddaa’s daughter. Kill the guards and tell her to come here and wait. You may later bargain with Saquesh #5 to have her freed. Return to her and inform her that she is free to go. Return with her to Naddaa, her mother, and converse with her for LS points.

5) Saquesh – The representative of the local Exchange. You may use intimidation to attempt to persuade him to let go of the migrants. This will lead to a brawl between him and his goons. You will, however, gain LS points after you have killed him. You may either bargain with him to lighten off on the refugees, or you can agree to evacuate the migrants by telling Hussef that they are all doomed if you pursue the Dark Side.

6) Serroco Gang – The Serroco owns this territory. To obtain access to this location, either persuade the guards stationed at the gates to allow you in or start a battle with them and kill them.

Speak with the Serroco gang boss and see if you can persuade him to let the refugees go. This isn’t going to work, and a conflict will ensue. It’s going to be a difficult fight, so bring your shields and force abilities.

You’ll be able to explore this sector and collect all of the riches after you’ve cleared the region. There is an Airspeeder stationed here that is now unusable. You’ll be able to quickly move between various sites on Nar Shaddaa after you’ve found all of the pieces.

Three components are required for the Airspeeder. The Maneuvering Flaps may be discovered on Pylon 3 at the Docks, in a container. At the Refugee Landing Pad, the Airspeeder Navigation Interface may be found in a container immediately outside of Tienn Tubb’s shop. Finally, the Docks are home to the Cryogenic Power Cells. As a reward, Lassavou presents them to you. Speak with Fassa about getting his debt forgiven. Perform the task that Fassa requests, then ask him to forgive Lassavou’s debt. You’ll get the Cryogenic Power Cells if you return to Lassavou.

7) Serroco Storage Area – This is where you’ll find a lot of nice items.


1) Take the exit to the Refugee Landing Pad. – After entering the Docks you’ll see a cutscene betwenn Vogga Hutt and Hanharr. Head towards Fassa (#2).

2) Fassa the Dock Manager – Fassa is a key individual who will be able to assist you with two Refugee Quad objectives as well as grant you one.

Fassa’s Freighters – After meeting with Fassa, he will assign you the task of recognizing the freighters arriving at the Docks. He wants you to arrange the freighters’ priority. You may take the long route and divert electricity to each Pylon while sprinting to each one to check the freighter’s ID. Fixing the electricity to all Pylons is a quicker option. You may then see all IDs by going to any of the consoles. Here’s how to fix it: Toorna’s Profits, Silver Zephyr, and Alakandor. Return to Fassa to get your prize.

Lassavou’s Debt – You may ask Fassa to forgive Lassavou’s debt after chatting with him in one of the containers around #3 and finishing the Fassa’s Freighters quest. You’ll acquire another component for the Airspeeder in the Refugee Quad if you tell Lassavou.

Kahranna’s Transportation – First, speak with Kahranna in the Refugee Quad and offer to assist her in getting off Nar Shaddaa. Return to Fassa after seeing Goto’s Yacht, and he’ll agree to let Kahranna board one of his freighters.

Odis’ Freighter Pilot Job — Also in the Refugee Quad is Odis, who is searching for job as a Freighter Pilot. To finish this quest, speak with Fassa about it after you’ve visited Goto’s Yacht.

3) Vogga’s Horde – There are a few folks you’ll run across here, and I haven’t specified where they’ll be in each container. Check into each one to discover who’s inside.

Aqualish Thugs – If you try to approach them they’ll tell you to get lost. Get into Stealth mode and walk close to them. You’ll find out how to break into Vogga’s hoard by dancing for Vogga and then using Juma Juice to sedate the Kath Hounds. Juma Juice can be purchased from the bartender in the Promenade of Entertainment.

The Lunar Shadow Crewman is on the lookout for a new pilot. For Light Side points, inform them about Odis in the Refugee Quad, or locate the pilot in the Jekk’Jekk Tarr region and persuade him to return. You’ll need to go in there with a character who isn’t your primary character and wear a gas mask to locate him.

Bith Scientist – The scientist wants you to bring an object from Pylon 3 back to him, and he grants you 500 credits to do so. When you go to Pylon 3 (#4), you’ll discover that the vendor is no longer alive. After reading the Datapad, destroy the “cleaning robot” that assaults you. Return to the Bith to discover that he has vanished. He’s left a Datapad behind, and the 500 credits are yours to keep.

Lassavou – Complete this quest for the Cryogenic Power Cell, which is part of the Airspeeder, by speaking with Fassa (#2). Tell him you’ve come to collect the bill for Dark Side points. No Cryogenic Power Cell will give you 200 credits.

Aida’s spouse, Lootra, is the man you met in the Refugee Quad. To link them, kill the Exchange Thugs defending the entrance and then inform Aida that the way is free to proceed. If you threaten the thugs, you’ll be unable to assault them again until the Exchange boss is killed first.

4) Pylon 3 – This is where you’ll find the third Bith Scientists mission. Look in this container for the Maneuvering Flaps, another Airspeeder component.

5) Vogga the Hutt – You can get to see Vogga by either agreeing to dance with him by visiting the Promenade of Entertainment or telling him that you want to talk about Goto. If you dance for him he’ll fall asleep. Put the Juma Juice in the water bowl to put the Kath Hounds to sleep. You’ll now get access to Vogga’s Horde through the door to the north for some pretty cool items including a Lightsaber.

After dealing with Goto on the Yacht, you may chat to Vogga about the Fuel issue on Telos and negotiate a settlement for the Telosians. You’ll need to speak with Lt. Grenn on the Telos Station’s Entertainment 081 area after you’ve finalized the agreement.

6) Vogga’s Storage – After visiting the Jekk’Jekk Tarr, you’ll get here with the T3-M4 droid. We’ll return to this in the walkthrough that follows.

7) Exit to the Jekk’Jekk Tarr – If you’ve been invited to the Jekk’Jekk Tarr, Mira (or Hanharr if you’re a Dark Side character) will intercept you and enter.

Regardless of whether Mira or Hanharr intercepted you, Mira will be the one that enters Jekk’Jekk Tarr. The meeting with Visquis is your aim. Through the entrance to the right of where you enter, you’ll need to pass through two green colored bars. The Luna Shadow Captain is hidden behind the yellow colored bar via the door to the left. You may either persuade him to rejoin his crew or give the position to Odis in the Refugee Quad. Mira is unprepared for this meeting and will be apprehended by Visquis soon she meets him.

Now is the time for your main character to awaken. Bring him or her to Jekk’Jekk Tarr to face Visquis. As soon as you enter, you’ll learn Breath Control so that you can breathe in a poisonous atmosphere. If you don’t keep casting it until it runs out, you’ll be poisoned.

There will be a LOT of Gand attacking you, so slash your way through them or employ group effect force abilities. Make your way to the room Visquis was in and ask the attendant to direct you to the exit, which is located in the room’s northern corner.


1) Entrance – As your primary character, you’ll need to make your way through the tunnels to the locked door at #2 when you first arrive. Because your map won’t function, the easiest way to get there is to hug the left wall and take every left turn until you reach the shut door.

2) A Locked Door

3) Mira versus Hanharr in the Combat Room – Once your main character has reached the locked door, you will be able to control Mira or Hanharr in a battle to the death. To preserve your distance from Mira, use ranged weapons and run away. Hanharr will trample the mines, making your task much simpler. Hanharr simply closes the gap and swipes away. His strong melee skills will easily dispatch Mira.

Visquis will unleash the Kath Hounds after the conflict is over. After defeating them, go to #4 for the Keycard.

4) Old Beast Tender Body – Look for the Keycard in the corpse to get out of here. Prepare to face the Ubese Bounty Hunters by opening the door in the north.

5) Emergency Tunnel Control – With Mira or your main character, you may explore the whole region. Return to the console here to access all of the potential escape routes in order to reclaim your main character.

6) Workstation

Return to the fighting arena with your main character, where you’ll be caught by Goto and transported to his yacht.

You’ll be back at the Docks with T3-M4 after a cutscene. After you’ve fought your way past the HK troops, you’ll come across Mira and Atton. To go back to the Ebon Hawk, you’ll have to fight the Zhug Brothers and Gand in a few difficult fights. They’re not very challenging, but there are a lot of them. You’ll fly out to Goto’s Yacht to rescue your main character after you’ve arrived at the Ebon Hawk.


You’ll enter Goto’s Yacht via the north hatch. You’ll be fighting a lot of droids here, so make sure you have weapons that can take down droids.

There are many consoles located throughout the ship that provide access to different functions. Before you have complete access to a function, you must first locate the codes for that function. You’ll also need the appropriate function, such as the Shut Down or Overload programs, to make modifications to a function.

You have two key goals in mind. The first step is to reach the Audience Chamber and liberate your main character. The second is to go to the bridge and get access to Electricity Distribution, where you may turn off the power and return to the Ebon Hawk.

1) Hatch to Ebon Hawk – You won’t be able to return to the Ebon Hawk until the Power Distribution on the Bridge has been turned off.

2) Console & Utility Droid – Make sure you have someone with the computer skill and slice into the console. From here you can download the “overload” program. If you don’t you’ll need to kill the Goto Guard Droids and listen to their last transmission. It’s binary code. Select the correct count to get the program. Here are the answers.

0 0 0 = 1 0 0 = 2 0 0 = 3 0 0 = 4 0 0 = 5 0 0 = 6 0 0 = 7 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Alternatively, you may slice the control to obtain the program, which is considerably simpler. The “shut off” program will be on the Utility Droid adjacent to the console.

3) Go to Starboard Commander and kill the droid, then search it for the Containment Cells access code. Use this console to upload the two programs “overload” and “shut down” that you’ve got. To remove the shields, unlock the confinement cells and execute the “shut down” software on them. These cells will now be available to you.

4) Damaged Droid – This droid isn’t going away anytime soon. Look for the Turret Defense access code there. Unlock the Turret Defense System by using a console. Run the Turret Defense System’s “shut down” function once again.

5) Turrets – Hopefully you’ve disabled the Turrets, but if you haven’t, you may use shields on all of your characters to take them out. To add to the difficulty, there are droids here as well.

6) Main Character & Power Distribution Access Code – Head to this room to rescue your main character. Make sure you use the console here as it’s the only place where you can acquire the Power Distribution access code. Use a console to unlock the Power Distribution but you can only shut it down from the Bridge.

7) Damaged Droid – This droid will be equipped with the “reset” software.

8) Laboratories

Workbench No. 9

10) Defense Turrets – There are a lot of Defense Turrets in this chamber, but they’re not too hard to knock down with the flurry. This is also where you’ll run encounter the Twin Suns bounty hunters on your way back from the bridge.

You’ll come across some mines and a Goto Central Commander if you continue east. To find the Minefield access code, kill the droid and investigate the remnants.

11) Minefield System Unlocker – Use the Minefield System Unlocker to unlock the Minefield system. Use the “overload” or “shut down” programs, as appropriate. They’ll still operate if they’re overloaded, but they’ll explode when the droids at #12 run over them.

12) Mines and Droids — A passage of mines leads to a droid-infested area. In single mode, either fire the droids or let them race over the mines towards you. You’ll be able to disarm the mines and go to the bridge after the droids have been dealt with.

13) Bridge – As you enter, look for some wonderful goods and the Droid Controller access code in the cylinder on the right. Now that all the droids have died, it’s a little late!

Run the “shut down” program on the Power Distribution system using the Central Command Console. Its access code may be found at #6. You may now return to the Ebon Hawk by opening the hatch.

You’ll run across thugs and bounty hunters on your way back. The Twin Suns, in particular, will assault you at #10. Return to the Ebon Hawk and Zez-Kai Ell will be waiting for you at the Nar Shaddaa Docks.

After you’ve dispatched the Hk-50 droids, meet with Fassa and finish any remaining assignments. Find a job for the pilot from the Refugee Quad, for example. Vogga the Hutt may be found in the far north. He’ll offer you 500 credits so you may return to Telos Station and arrange a meeting with Lt. Dol Grenn in the TSF office in the Entertainment 081 section.

Return to Telos Station to finish the transaction, or proceed to the next planet. I chose Onderon, but you’ll have to flee to the Onderon moon, Dxun, once you arrive.

Dxun is up next.

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Nar Shaddaa is a planet in the Star Wars galaxy. It is located in the Outer Rim Territories and has been used as a base of operations for many criminal organizations. Reference: nar shaddaa datacrons.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happened on Nar Shaddaa?

A: Nar Shaddaa was the site of a major battle between the Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire. It ended in victory for the rebels, but at great cost to both sides.

Who controls Nar Shaddaa?

A: Nar Shaddaa is controlled by the Hutts.

What planets are near Nar Shaddaa?

A: Nar Shaddaa is located in the Outer Rim on a planet called Naboo. The nearest planets to it are Tatooine and Dathomir, both of which are inhabited by humans (i.e., non-Jedi) with some Jedi presence there as well.

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