The first mission in a series of missions that players (assume the role of Max) will be tasked with during his time at Homer’s academy. It includes various puzzles, platforming and stealth mechanics to help you get through the level without being caught.

The “dark forces detention center code” is a mission in the game “Dark Forces”. The mission involves a prison break. You are tasked with finding and retrieving an item from the detention center before it is too late.

Mission 6 – Detention Center

Walkthrough for Return to Dark Forces


Walkthrough for Dark Forces Mission 6


  • Crix Madine may be found in the Detention Center’s maximum security section.


Crix Madine is imprisoned in a high-security prison. You won’t be able to get there by stepping through the front doors since they’ll be locked. The first objective is to descend to the lowest level via the low security elevator. You’ll need to locate the high-security elevator and the red key from here. Then return to the top floor and unlock the red door that leads to the elevator shafts, where you’ll discover a hidden entry to Crix Madine’s level.

Make your way to the shuttle bay controls by working your way ahead. To have the shuttle (platform) come and pick you up, press the button. Take a trip to the Detention Center’s door by standing on it.

Dark Forces Mission 6 Detention Center EntranceTo open the front doors and walk inside, press the left-hand button. Remove the Stormtroopers and go to the left-hand segment. When you come across a wall with a crack like this one…

Dark Forces Mission 6 SecretYou may use a thermal detonator or mine to blast it open. Power cells and shield units may be found within.

Return to your original position on the wall and fire one of the buttons to the left or right. The wall will be raised. It makes no difference whether side you are on. The low security elevator will be reached by any approach.

Dark Forces Mission 6 ElevatorYou’re on the top floor right now. You are free to explore all of the low security levels, but you must finish up on the lowest floor.

Wait for the green force field to cease blinking once you arrive. You may walk across it once it stops flashing.

Dark Forces Mission 6 Force FieldFight your way to the high-security elevator, which will transport you to several levels, including the one where Crix Madine is imprisoned. But before you walk up, make sure you unlock the neighboring door and get the Red Key Card, which gives you access to the top-level elevator shafts.

Dark Forces Mission 6 Red CardGo up to Crix Madine’s level, which looks like a ‘N’. You may get several key cards from the guards here.

Go to the lowest level and set the high security elevator to level three from the bottom while outdoors.

Dark Forces Mission 6 High Security ElevatorReturn to the low security elevator and ride it all the way to the top level. Set it to the third from top level when outside of it.

Drop into the elevator shafts by opening the red door. Time your ascent via the rubbish room’s elevators to the door that leads to one of Crix Madine’s cells. To finish the level, blow your way out and input Code 2 to unlock Crix Madine’s cell.

Go to Mission 7: Ramsees Hed to continue.

The “dark forces mission 8” is the final level of the game. It has a lot of action and a lot of enemies to fight.

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