While walking around the town square, you come across a suspicious looking figure. You are only able to catch a fleeting glance before they duck into an alleyway and run off. As you approach the entrance to investigate, it appears that this person has just stolen some money from one of your compatriots! What do you do?

The “Mission 10: Suspicion” is a mission in the game Red Alert Allied. It’s one of the first missions that you play as Yuri and it’s very easy to complete.

Mission 10: Suspicion



There are two components to this assignment. Getting access to the Soviet Command Center is the first step. You’ll need to disarm the four atomic bombs once you’re inside. You’ll need to start from the ground up, so set up the construction yard and begin constructing a power plant, ore refinery, and war manufacturing. To the east, there are a few diamonds, while to the north, there is ore.

Prepare defenses or keep your own soldiers on the boundaries of your base as you’ll be assaulted from the north and east by Soviet tanks and infantry. In the northwestern area of the Soviet base, there is a construction yard. As a result, your Longbows will be able to assault it. Building 6 or 7 Longbows and using them to snipe out the construction yard is one approach to complete this assignment. You’ll have 60 minutes once the construction yard is destroyed before the nukes are unleashed.

Then you may use them to destroy any of his other structures, weakening the Soviet army. Before sweeping through the base, make sure you have roughly 20 medium tanks. It is not necessary to demolish all Soviet structures. To accomplish the assignment, just bring an Engineer to the command center and take control. If you don’t have at least 20 minutes left on the timer, you won’t be able to finish the following section on time.




You’ll have the same amount of time as you had in the last mission, so the faster you finish that section, the more time you’ll have in this quest. The goal is to find the control centers and disarm the nuclear weapons. Hold your guys immobile for a few seconds so you can kill the Soviets as they rush by.

After the attack dogs have been sent, send forth your soldiers. Bring a Spy all the way to the south-facing room and wait for Tanya. Most opposing soldiers should be able to be picked off before they get near. The four control panels are at the south west, north west, north east, and east of the building.

A flaming tower guards the panel to the north west. It will detonate if a control panel in a tiny chamber to the north east of it is activated. Send a soldier to distract the flame tower, then have the engineer go up to the control panel and destroy it. The way to the control panel that switches off the bomb is now clear.

Make your way carefully to the other control panels and utilize the engineers to turn them off. Dogs are dangerous, and a single bite from one can kill Tanya or your engineers. The job will be completed after all four nukes have been disarmed. A map of the region may be seen below.


Next, make sure the river is safe.

Red Alert is back!


The “Mission 10: Suspicion” is the 12th mission in the Red Alert Allied campaign. The player must complete this mission to advance to Mission 11, which is “The Admiral’s Secret”. Reference: red alert allied mission 12.

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