The team of three adventurers descend into a maze of tunnels. The brown, muddy walls are lined with graffiti, and the air is thick with an oppressive smell. They hear a whooshing sound in their ears that seems to be getting louder by the second until it becomes deafeningly loud as they reach what looks like another tunnel entirely on one side. What could have caused this?

The “doom 2 secrets” is a game from the 90s. It has been remastered and released on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Level 5: The Waste Tunnels

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The Tunnels of Waste


You’ll see a Supercharge in front of you right away. When you walk out to get it, be cautious since there are Chaingunners on both sides, as well as a few Shotgun Guys. Three Imp traps may be found in the first corridor. As you approach them, a lift will descend, trapping you in a tiny area filled with Imps. The one on the south connects to the central courtyard.

The first secret is a little difficult to figure out. Step onto the balcony on the courtyard’s east side and inside. Shotgun Guys will set up a trap for you. Remove them and then push against the north wall. It’ll go down as well as an elevator that leads to Secret 1.


Drop down into the secret as quickly as possible. There are barely a few seconds left. A Plasma Gun may be found within. To climb back up, press the Skull Button to decrease the lift.

Proceed to the east via the east entrance. This is a lift that lowers you to the ground. Take out the Imps in this gloomy region, then go to the north via the door. Continue down the hallway to another Supercharge. For Secret 2, a Beserk pack, press on the wall behind it.

Come back out and take the corridor to the south if you want to explore everywhere. The door behind you will lock shut. Open all the smaller doors and flip the Switches. One of them opens the door behind you, one the door ahead of you and another a secret door in one of the small rooms. This leads out to The Tunnels of Waste.

Explore The Tunnels of Waste if you want but when you are done return to the large square room. Take out the Zombiemen around the edge and go through the door to the north to their area. Follow it around to the east to find the Red Key.

Continue around, taking out the Lost Souls, and drop back down to The Tunnels of Waste. Find the Red Door and go through. Behind it you’ll face a Hell Knight. They’re only half as tough as a Baron of Hell.

Continue ahead by grabbing the Blue Key. To open the Blue Door to the south, use the key. Clear the area before grabbing the Yellow Key. Three Cacodemons will be unleashed when you get near to it.

To get to Secret 3, you’ll have to strafe run over the pit to the ledge on the opposite side. You should feel as though you’re gliding over to it if you do it correctly.


Two Specters lurk in the pits on each side, so be cautious if you miss the leap. After that, go through the Yellow Door and press the Button to finish the level.

Return to Level 4: The Focus The Crusher is the next level.


In “Level 5: The Waste Tunnels”, the player must find a way out of a waste-filled underground maze. There are many puzzles and obstacles that the player must solve to get through. Reference: doom 2 walkthrough.

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