Level 16: Blood Keep is a dark fantasy point and click game in which players are tasked with finding their way through an ancient labyrinth. The game has unique gameplay elements, such as the ability to control water flow while moving objects across it.

The “doom 64 levels” is a game that was released in 1996. It has been described as being one of the most influential games ever made, and it’s not hard to see why. The game is very difficult and challenging, so good luck getting through it!

Level 16: Blood Keep

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Blood Keep (Level 16)


Clear out this modest building by opening the door. You may take out the Cacodemon and Nightmare Imps on the ledge opposite by looking out the side window. You may hit the icon to open a new window, which may make it simpler to deal with the remaining Cacodemons outdoors.

When you’re finished, open the door and down the stairs. Finish any Imps you’re up against and hit the Button on the side. Although it isn’t a secret, this lowers a Super Shotgun back by the steps.

Drop into the river and follow the Lost Souls through the tunnel for a Mega Armor. If you like, you may keep moving ahead to eliminate a few more Cacodemons.


Return to the tunnel and follow the water all the way to the finish. After you’ve defeated the Hell Knights, take the lift up to the Red Key. Lower the two ledges by pressing the Button, then drop down to get the prize.

Take out the enemies within the Red Door, which is immediately to the right. To lower two bookshelves, press the Button in the middle. Ride one of them to the top and press the Button. Two Barons of Hell will be unleashed if you return to the chamber below. After you’ve slain them, press the Button in the alcove where they came from to reopen the Red Door and exit.

Make your way around to the right after exiting through the red door and sprint across the gap. Take down all of the opponents in this area before proceeding into the lengthy blue tunnel. Go through the window about halfway through and hit the Button. This lowers all of the tunnel’s pillars and raises a ledge close to you so you may grasp the Supercharge.


Return to the tunnel and take the Yellow Key that was hidden within one of the pillars. Return the same way you came, then make your way around the ledges to the Yellow Door. A slime area with little platforms may be found within.

Make your way to the opposite side of the door and open it. On the opposite side, keep an eye out for the two Hell Knights. The Blue Key may be found in this room.


Return via the blue tunnel after exiting through one of the windows. To get to the Blue Door, follow the way around to the right. Take down the Demons and Barons of Hell that are hiding within. To access the level’s single secret, push the carving to the left and then lower the bookcase near the stairs. Ride it up quickly and grab the Plasma Gun before the bars rise again. This is the first of the secrets.

Ascend the stairs and enter via the right-hand door. Remove the foes and use the Supercharge to replenish your health. To expand the hallway outdoors, press the Button in one of the rooms. Press the flashing bookcase to discover a little room with extra ammunition hidden behind it.

After leaving the library, turn right. The windows open as you take a step forward. After you’ve killed the Lost Souls and Cacodemons, push the Button. This generates a set of steps leading up to the next Yellow Door, which is located immediately before the Blue Door (southeast corner on the map).

Take the stairwell up to the Yellow Door, defeat the foes, and then pass through. When you take a step forward, the room will darken. Remove the Lost Souls while remaining on the center tiles. The lava will eventually reach the outside region. To finish the level, dash over to the Exit.

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The “doom 64 level 22” is a level in the game Doom. It is found on the map “Blood Keep.” This level has a lot of monsters, and this can be difficult for players to get through. The enemies are tough and there are many health packs around, which makes it easier for players to survive.

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