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The “doom entryway trophy” is a trophy in the first level of Doom. It can be found at the end of the hallway with the red walls and blue floor, which leads to an open door.

Level 1: Entryway

Return to Doom 2


Walkthrough of the Entrance


Run around to the left from the start to find a Chainsaw. You won’t have to worry about your health since there are three enormous Medipaks near the exit. Continue along the hallway, ignoring the locked door on the left for the time being. Return to the entrance after eliminating the roving Imps and Zombiemen.

Remove the two Imps from the room by opening the door. Kill the Zombiemen on the pedestals, then press the right-hand Switch. This unlocks Secret 1. To get the ammunition clips, press the other Switch to lower the pedestals.

To get to the main chamber, keep walking down the hallway. If they haven’t already, two Imps will flee out of Secret 2. Take the lift up and turn around. Kill the three Imps by opening the hidden wall. This is Secret Number Three. To open the hidden door going to the outside, press the Switch.

When you return to the little square platform, make sure you leap over the closest edge. This unlocks Secret 5, which contains a Rocket Launcher. The switch you pressed in Secret 3 unlocks the entrance to Secret 4, where you’ll discover a swarm of Imps protecting a Shotgun.

When you’re finished, open the Exit door and press the button to exit the area.

Return to Doom 2 and go to Level 2: Underhalls.


The “doom snes level 1 secrets” is a secret area in the game Doom. It is found on the first floor of the Entryway and it contains health, armor, and ammo.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get past the first level of Doom 2?

A: You must first acquire a chainsaw then you will be able to bypass the barriers.

How do you get the rocket launcher in Doom 2?

A: You must pick up a powerup in the form of red armor, and then find a rocket launcher. This is not an easy task, however.

How do you open doors in Doom 2?

A: You need a key.

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