The Klamath are a class of freshwater fishes in the genus Osteoglossum, found only in California. They were once abundant but now they’re critically endangered and likely extinct with just one wild population left. These beautiful fish have been used as bait for fishing since 1892 when Charles Frederick Holder released them into the waters around Monterey Bay to make fishing more popular among locals.

Klamath is a word that means “to die.” It’s used in the game “Candy Crush Saga” as a level.


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Downtown, Trapper Town, Canyon, Trapping Grounds, and the Rat Caves are the four districts that make up Klamath. This portion also includes the Toxic Caves, which are situated approximately north-west of Klamath.

Sulik is the first Companion you’ll meet in Klamath. He’s a fierce melee fighter who uses a Sledgehammer to take down opponents. If you want him to attend your party, you must first pay off his $350 debt. While you’re here, stop by the Golden Gecko and chat with John Sullivan, who will offer you instruction in unarmed and melee weapons.

1) Keep an eye on the Brahmin.

Torr Buckner gives this task outside of Buckner’s House. He informs you that his Brahmin are being slaughtered and requests for your assistance. You’ll be sent to the Grazing Grounds if you accept. Kill all of the Radscorpions to complete the objective. To the west, the Dunton Brothers are standing. They urge you to help them by Rustling the Brahmin, which starts the following quest. You may agree, or you can insult them with a Speech check, which starts conflict with them.

Rustle the Brahmin is a sequel to Rustle the Brahmin.

You may talk with the Dunton Brothers at the Grazing Fields or at their home in Klamath if you don’t have a high reputation in Klamath and haven’t finished the Guard the Brahmin task. They want you to get rid of Torr, but you’ll lose the job if you mix up their names. Speak with Torr to persuade him to leave so you may finish the task. The Brothers will pay you $50, but you will lose 70 Karma.

3) Torr’s rescue

This mission is only possible if you complete the Guard the Brahmin quest with the “evil” option and persuade Torr to leave. When you speak with Adrin at Buckner’s House, she will inform you that Torr is gone. Take the Canyon’s northwest exit and destroy Mister Handy, the injured robot. Return to Adrin with your prize after speaking with Torr. You may either accept $100 or invite Sulik to join your party for free.

4) Re-energize the Still

Whiskey should be consulted. Buy a drink for Bob at Buckner’s House. To communicate with him, you must have a neutral or positive reputation in Klamath. He informs you that his still south of town is empty and needs to be replenished. You just have one day to finish this task before the whiskey expires.

To get out of town, use the exit to the south. There are Silver and Golden Geckos in this location, and if you’re still at a low level, they’ll be too much for you. Although it is preferable to have Sulik with you, you may slip past their patrols and inside the cabin unnoticed. Pick up the wood heaps and use them to replenish the still. Return to Whiskey Bob to get your $50 prize and +15 Karma.

5) Assassinate the Rat God

Rats are a concern in Trapper Town, which is located on the west side of Klamath. Slim Pocket will tell you about them if you ask him. To enter that region, you’ll need a key. If you’re a woman, you may either persuade him to give it to you, take it from him, lockpick the door, or sleep with him. The dog in the town center of Klamath also has a key, which he’ll drop if you feed him some Meat Jerky.

Enter the Warrens and descend down the manhole with the Key. Fight your way to the caverns’ second level until you encounter Keeng Ra’at, who can communicate. You’ll need to prepare for this battle since he has a lot of health. The task will be completed after he is slain.

A 10mm Pistol may be found beside the corpse of a trapper on the floor of the Keeng Ra’ats chamber. A Combat Knife and other goodies are also strewn over the caverns.

Smiley the Trapper must be rescued.

To learn more about Adrin’s lost fiancĂ©e, Smiley, speak with her at the Buckner House. She’ll scribble the Toxic caverns’ location on the map he was following. When entering the caverns, you’ll require Rubber Boots since the slime is hazardous to tread on.

Make your way to the caverns and put on the Rubber Boots for yourself and any buddies you choose to bring. On the caverns’ first level, you’ll also locate several footwear. Because each level has a few Golden Geckos, you should level up your character a few times before trying this rescue. On the third level, there is a military storage that can only be reached later in the game.

Smiley may be discovered in a generator room on the second floor. To accomplish this task, speak with him and return him to the entrance. Smiley will perish if you wait too long. Return to Klamath to get your prize.

Arroyo is back, and The Den is up next.


The “Klamath tribes newsletter” is a newsletter that covers the Klamath tribe. The newsletter includes information about their history, culture and events. Reference: klamath tribes newsletter.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Klamath?

A: Klamath is a fictional town in the computer games Fallout and Fallout 2. It was also mentioned briefly as a possible location for new cities or settlements during some of Bethesdas E3 presentations.

What is Klamath known for?

A: Klamath is a city in Oregon that was founded by settlers from the Old World. It is known for its population of timber and fishing businesses, as well as being one of the biggest cities on the Rogue Rivers spring spawning salmon runs and most productive steelhead streams in North America.

What is the Klamath tribe?

A: The Klamath tribe is a Native American group that first lived in the far eastern part of California. They were known for practicing agriculture, hunting, and gathering as their main source of food.

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