GDI 15: Temple Strike is the sequel to GDI 14, which was one of the best-selling games in history. It brings players back into ancient civilizations with a new game mechanic and improved graphics engine. With over six billion downloads worldwide, this title has been considered by many as an iconic game franchise.

The “gdi mission 15” is a game that is available on the Google Play Store. The game has been reviewed with an average rating of 4 stars.

GDI 15: Temple Strike

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The Temple of Nod has been discovered, and it is your responsibility to destroy it, as well as any Nod soldiers in the region. The fact that the Nod have two complete bases makes this much more difficult. This task may be completed in three ways, each with its own map.

[The Northwest Route]


Move the Medium Tank over the bridge and destroy the Fire Tank with it. Bring your MCV over the river and set up shop just east of the river crossing. Move your MCV south and place it just north of the Nod base to make this assignment simpler.

As rapidly as possible, construct a power plant, a communications center, and an advanced communications center. Place Advanced Guard Towers outside the Nod base’s gate, but out of the Cannons’ range. Attempt to reach three Advanced Guard Towers. Anything that comes out of the base should be dealt with.

There are two Nod Construction Yards and a Nod Temple. The Temple is hidden in the bottom right corner, with one construction yard hidden behind a settlement in the bottom left corner and the other on the southern base’s south side.

Nod will dispatch Harvesters from the eastern exit to grab your Tiberium at some time. To prevent this from occurring, construct a sandbag wall across the exit. Nod will have to get past your Advanced Guard Towers if they want to send out Harvesters.

It shouldn’t be too difficult to reach the core Nod base. Remove the Obelisk using the Ion Cannon. Construct the Repair Facility so that you may construct Mammoth Tanks. The core base should be cleared out with a few Mammoth Tanks and accompanying troops. Rather of demolishing the Nod structures, take control of them since Nod will just rebuild them.

Next, take control of the Construction Yard in the map’s far bottom left corner. To the west of the main Nod base, position your tanks. Slowly advance, concentrating on their Construction Yard and Airfield.

Keep an eye out for nukes! Kane will nuke your northern stronghold just when you think you’re about to win. A nuclear assault might be triggered in two ways. The first is when you demolish the Refinery, the Airfield, the Hand of Nod, and two Power Plants, which are all Nod structures. When you assault the Temple of Nod, you’ll also get nuked.

Make sure you have a backup construction yard so you can continue to develop if one of them is destroyed. You’ll finish this operation and win the GDI Campaign after all troops have been annihilated.

[Route Southwestern]


This was the most hardest of the three maps for me. Destroy the Flame Tank on the bridge with your tank, then walk over to the two Rocket Infantry and kill them. Bring your MCV over the bridge and set up shop near the Tiberium field.

Send your vehicles out to take out the turrets and SAM sites on the hills to the north and east of your base once you have your vehicles ready. Sand Bag the south pass from the Nod base as soon as possible to safeguard the southern Tiberium fields and avoid being attacked from that direction.


To block Nod from sending a Chopper with Engineers onto the initial island, make sure you have Infantry protecting the bridge. The Hand of Nod, Obelisk, and Power Plant will be built in the south Tiberium field, just left of the lake, after that. Place your own troops there to prevent them from constructing the Hand of Nod, or an Engineer nearby to seize control of the Hand of Nod once it is completed.

It’s quite simple to take over the little Nod base. Destroy the Obelisk of Light with your Ion Cannon, then move in with Mammoth Tanks to wipe out the whole base. Engineers should be sent in to take control of all the structures and utilize them as a stepping stone to the main base.

To the north east of the map is another Nod Construction Yard, and to the north west is the Temple of Nod. With Mammoth Tanks and an APC with Engineers, creep around the southern edge of the main base. Take down the Obelisk with the Ion Cannon, blast through the southern walls with your Engineers, and take over the Construction Yard, Airfield, and other structures with your Engineers.

To win the campaign, push ahead and demolish the Temple of Nod, as well as all other structures and troops.

[Route to the Northeast]


This approach puts you in a better position from the start, with a lot of Tiberium to the south. The walkthrough is almost same. Use an Ion Cannon to demolish the Obelisk in the western base and Mammoth Tanks to eliminate all troops. Bring in Engineers to take over the base, particularly the Silos for bonus points, and utilize it to transport soldiers to the main southern base. To win the game, push ahead and demolish the Temple of Nod on the island, as well as all other troops.

Nod Mission 1: Silencing Nikoomba follows next.

GDI Mission 14: Fish in a Barrel (return)


The “ion cannon strike yugoslavia” is a game that was released on the GDI 15 platform. The game lets you play as a soldier fighting in an alternate reality during the Yugoslavian civil war.

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