Forest Friend is a social game that aims to get you hooked on the outdoors by taking you on an adventure in nature. As players explore and learn about endangered species, they earn points towards their own personal missions with the hope of inspiring others to care for our planet too.

Forest Friend is a game that was released in November 2017. The game has been described as “a story about friendship, love and life” by the developers.

Forest Friend

Returning to Gris


Now that you’ve reached the woodland, cross to the left. You’ll eventually come upon a sequence of trees with square foliage that appears and disappears. To get to the opposite side, time your leaps over them.

Drop down the next cliff to encounter a bizarre tiny stone creature with leaves sprouting from his head. He’ll sprint off to the left, so keep an eye out for him.

You’ll see some trees shifting form at the next gap. You’ll have to timing your leaps and work your way up and left.


To get to the next group of trees, keep going to the left. This is where the first memento can be found. Make your way to the top of the trees, then left to the enormous tree. You’ll land on a lower tree just before the memento. Backwards jump to the upper tree, then across to the Memento.


Continue to the left, breaking the bridge and plummeting to the ground under a tree. An apple will fall from the tree as you land. It will be devoured by the small woodland companion.

Challenge with Apples

There are a total of eight apples. When you descend from the bridge, the first Apple #1 appears automatically. To the left, there are two more swinging from trees. For Apple #2 and Apple #3, slam down on both of them.


Ascend the trees to Apple #4, which is located in the enormous tree to the left. As we go through this tutorial, we’ll point out the remaining apples.

Go down to visit the Forest Friend after he’s eaten his fill of apples. He’s become a lot nicer. He’ll bolt and carve a passage through the centre of the structure.

Follow the Forest Friend down the tunnel into the root-filled cave. To help the Forest Friend discover Apple #5, go to the left and remain on the forest floor. Head over to the left after jumping up the roots. To allow the Forest Friend to follow you, make sure you hop on the lower roots. His leap is far shorter than yours. The small creature will open a passage through the wall at the top of the cave. Continue walking on the left side of the road.

Smash the next pillar to allow the Forest Friend to pass. Take a short walk to the enormous brown hill on the left, but don’t go too far. The Forest Friend will scale the ledge to the top. Return to the right so that he may find Apple #6.


Return him to his left till he lands on the next pillar. Smash the earth, and he’ll follow suit, shattering the pillar to allow you to pass. Continue to the left and leap onto the next tree to stomp on it, releasing Apple #7. Climb to the top of the skyscraper and enter. Your small companion will imitate you if you slam the ground.


Both of you will have to shatter the next ledge before tumbling down a slope to the bottom. To discover the Forest Friend, go a bit to the left and bring him back to the right for Apple #8. The Apples Challenge will be completed at this point.

Run to the left until you see the Forest Friend fall through a log hole. Continue to the left until you reach a temple, where you will get a new skill. To activate it, you must locate two stars. One star is on the left and one is on the right.

You may start on either route. The tunnel to the right leads to a cave system that is rather simple to travel. You’ll run across the Forest Friend again towards the finish, and this time he’ll give you a Star. Take a shortcut back to the temple by walking through the wall to the left.

Take the left-hand route. It’s more harder to achieve this star. When you leap, the trees in this segment change form. Return to the right by jumping over the first group of trees and across the stairwell. You should be able to see the star above you if you jump up the trees to the huge tree. The best way to approach the star is from the left. The tree will vanish as you leap towards it from the left, exposing the Star behind it.


Now move your cursor to the left to find the following Memento. Jump through the woods to the right and return to the temple after you have both the star and the remembrance. Gris will float higher and obtain the Double Jump ability. Gris will leap and then float back to the ground when you hold jump for the second time.

Gris will be propelled to the next location by the small red birds. When you make a double-jump onto the small red birds, you will be propelled a short distance aloft.

You’ll come to a stop at the foot of a massive tree. Double-jump your way to the summit with your newfound talent.


To go to the next location, use the small red birds at the top.

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Forest Friend is a game that simulates the life of a forest. Players take care of animals and plant trees to grow your own forest. You can also collect figurines, which are adorable little creatures that you can put on your desk or shelf. Reference: forest friends figurines.

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