The game of Doom is a seminal work that has spawned countless sequels, variations and other games. As part of the franchise’s legacy, we can expect to see more dark-themed blockbusters in the future.

The “e2m2 theme” is a level in the game “Elder Scrolls 2: Daggerfall”. It’s a dark, creepy dungeon filled with puzzles and enemies. The map has been recreated for all to enjoy.

E2M2: Containment Area

Returning to Ultimate Doom


Walkthrough of the Containment Zone


The cargo area takes up the whole northern portion of the map, and you’ll be out of ammunition for the most of it. You’ll find a Beserk pack if you hug the left wall, which dramatically improves the strength of your blows. It lasts the duration of the level.

Secret 1 is located on the cargo area’s southwest flank. It’s shown in the game’s intro. With some shotgun rounds, open one of the cargo crates to uncover the first mystery.

With Imps, make your way to the middle square chamber. Clear the Imps out of the way and go south. To locate the chamber with the Yellow Key, hug the left wall. Follow the roof way to get there safely.

Head to the south and dive into the first circular hole to locate Secret 2. The hole to the north has an underground escape. There’s a huge list of extras within. You’ll return to the middle square chamber through the passageway.

More secrets may be found by opening the two yellow chambers to the north of the cargo area. There are a few Demons in the enormous square chamber to the north. Kill them, then use the switch to lower the Chaingun in the middle of the room to reveal Secret 3. A Backpack stands on a rising pedestal in the spacious chamber to the east. Run as fast as you can to get it. To unlock the chambers to the east for Secrets 4, 5, and 6, press the three buttons on the pedestals. The Rocket Launcher is located within the center one.

Return to the south, but this time in the direction of the west and north. Pass through the three lengthy chambers with blue pad lines on the floor and continue to the end of the hallway for a Backpack and Secret 7. When you take the backpack, a wall of Imps and Demons appears in front of you.

Secret 8 may be found on the east wall. Look for an exit to a corridor in the next room. A tiny chamber housing Secret 9 and a Computer Map is opened by a wall to the south. Return to the square room through the corridor.

Take a trip to the south and west. Look for a chamber with a pillar on one side and a switch on the other. To lower a pedestal with a Plasma Gun, press the switch. Grab it quickly before the pillar rises again. This is Secret Number ten.

Down in the southwest corner, have a look around. Although this is close to the exit, you must first build a bridge by passing through the red door. To the east, pass through the crushers. There’s a hidden corridor in the north wall with a Chainsaw in the center. This is the eleventh secret. Lost Souls will be liberated when you take up the chainsaw.

Continue through the crushers to find the Blue Key in a chamber. A illuminated patch may be seen in the southeast corner. With a Soul Sphere, drop a wall across the pool for a short time. It only drops once, so hurry up and get it.

To locate the Red Key, exit via the blue door to the north and enter through the blue door to the east. Return to the southeast corner and enter via the red door. To finish the level, press the switch to raise the bridge to the exit and cross it.

E2M1: Deimos Anomaly (Back) E2M3: Refinery follows next.


The “slough of despair” is a level in the first person shooter game, Doom. The level consists of long corridors with large rooms and many enemies.

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