For centuries, people have enjoyed the adrenaline rush of a game. Nowadays, games are designed to provide players with an escape from their daily lives, but scientists say that this isn’t enough anymore. Many experts argue that we need more than speed and escapism in order to keep our brains healthy; these days it’s all about mental stimulation. However, there is one problem: video games no longer offer the same kind of brainpower as they used to when gaming was only for children and adults alike.
In recent years psychologists have grown concerned over how much time kids spend playing video games each day (upwards of 8 hours per day on average) without any real benefit other than killing monsters or winning gold medals in competition-based titles like FIFA 19 or Fortnite Battle Royale.Although some researchers also point out potential benefits such as improved hand eye coordination and reaction times amid concerns made by parents who claim excessive screen time can lead to social isolation among young gamers

The “vital records” is a department of the government that keeps track of death. The department has been in existence since the beginning of time and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

Department of Death


You start off working for the Department of Death in the town of El Marrow. Open the Message Tube after the cutscene to read the most recent message. A poisoning has occurred, and all agents are required to respond. Pick up the Deck of Cards off the table and walk out of the room.

If you like, go to the end of the hallway and chat to Eva. Select the Deck of Cards from your inventory. Use the card to punch a hole in the front of Eva’s desk using the Hole Punch.

Take a left around the corner. To go to the garage, use the elevator in the left wall. Approach the far corner of the garage and knock on the little shed’s door. Glottis will seem to hold a conversation.

Speak with Glottis about everything, and if he thinks he can’t be a driver, explain that he isn’t too large; the vehicles are simply too little. Glottis will be inspired and want to start working on enhancing an automobile, but he will need a signed Work Order. Return to the top of the elevator and then take the elevator to the Lobby at the end of the hallway.

Walk to the right after exiting the building. Take the bread from the stand to the clown’s left and then speak with him. Continue to speak with him until he agrees to create you a balloon animal. Pick one of three balloons: a Cat Balloon, a Dead Worm Balloon, and a Dead Worm Balloon. Just before the Department of Death building, enter the lane.


Climb the rope at the alley’s end and enter the building via the left-hand window. Change the automatic reaction to “Ah, cripes, Eva!” by looking at the computer. Will you just sign it yourself?”

Retrace your steps down the rope and see Eva once again. She’ll sign the Work Order for you if you speak with her or show her the Work Order. You’ll be at a new location with your new customer after the brief cutscene. To liberate the soul, use the Scythe on the wiggling bundle. You’ll be back at the office with Eva after the cutscene.

To get to the lobby, use the elevator. Both of these doors will now be open. Follow the odd creature inside the chemical-filled area. To gather both chemicals, place one Dead Worm Balloon on the red nozzle and the second Dead Worm Balloon on the blue nozzle.

Open Manny’s message tube when you return to his room. Fill the tube with both Dead Worm Balloons loaded with chemicals and send them down. They’ll blow up and cause havoc with the message system.

Take the elevator to the foyer and enter the server room via the other door. Take the Fire Extinguisher from the wall and place it on the floor. To view the interior of the iron door, go to the left. Turn the latch to the point where the door’s bolt is out. It will not lock correctly when it shuts, allowing you to open it later. Return after leaving the room.

Examine the red tube by opening the iron door to the message server. To stop one of the messages, insert the Punched Card into the slot. Manny will get his first successful customer.

After the cutscene, meet with your new customer, but Manny will be baffled as to why she is unable to place an order. Exit the room and make your way to Eva. Manny’s employer will appear and incarcerate him in a shed.

Make a knock on the shed’s door. When the other party responds, tell him, “The DOD plays a corrupt game, and I aim to prove it.”

Tell Salvador Limones that you accept to work with them after being escorted to the secret facility. Return to the alley through the elevator and climb the rope to the ledge. Turn left around the corner and into Domino Hurley’s office via the far window.

Remove the lump of Coral from the desk drawer. Hit the Mouth-Guard with his punching ball a few times till he falls down, then pick it up. Leave the window open and return around the ledge. Throw the rope across to the ladder with the Coral on the loose end. Climb to the top of the building by climbing up the rope and then up the ladder.

Close your distance from the birds until you reach the dish. Place the Cat Balloon in the dish first, followed by the Bread. The birds will consume the bread and burst the balloon, frightening away all of the other birds. You may now take a few of Eggs from the nest of the bird.

Return to the alley and enter the garage. Use the Mouth-Guard on the Fill-O-Dent machine on the table in Glottis’ shed in the rear. To use the Mouth-Guard on yourself, click the hand signal in the lower right corner.


Return to the alley after exiting the garage. To go to the hidden base, click on the eye symbol on the wall. Give the Mouth-Guard to Eva and the Eggs to Salvador.

Salvador will send you on a quest, and you will arrive in the Petrified Forest after walking through the lengthy tunnel.

The Petrified Forest is up next.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I look up a deceased person?

A: In order to see if someone is deceased, you will need to use the Advanced Search option on Find A This website has a search function that can help find graves and people for those who are looking for them.

How long does it take to get a death certificate in Oklahoma?

A: It takes one week to process the issuance of a death certificate in Oklahoma.

How do you get a copy of a death certificate in Texas?

A: In Texas, you will need to contact the County Clerks office where your death was registered.

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