The first-person shooter Arroyo is an online game that centers around a human colony on the moon. The game has players exploring and surviving in this post-apocalyptic world, where they can mine resources, craft items and more. Players are able to form their own clan with other players from across the world or work together as lone wolf scavengers battling against AI enemies.

Arroyo is a game released by the company called “Sierra Entertainment” in 1995. Arroyo was originally released for MS-DOS computers, but it has been ported to many different platforms and operating systems. The game was also released on CD-ROM.


Return to Fallout 2

After completing the Temple of Trials, you’ll return to Arroyo, your home hamlet. Vic’s Flask will be given to you by the Elder. Make sure you save it since you’ll need it later to prove you came from one of the vaults. There are a several objectives here, the most important of which is to locate the Geck (Garden of Eden Creation Kit). Once you’ve left Arroyo, you’re free to go anywhere you choose in the world.

1) Find the GECK for Arroyo.

This is the game’s primary mission, and you won’t be able to complete it here. Make your way to Klamath once you’ve finished all of the previous objectives.

2) Save Nagor’s canine companion, Smoke, from the wilds.

On the village’s eastern outskirts, you’ll come across a man named Nagor who requests you to locate his dog. Head to the exit on the western side of the settlement that leads to the Hunting Grounds. The dog is stranded in the bush, surrounded by Geckos. Because the Geckos are tough to defeat with a low-level character, you may have to hit and run to get rid of them. Because not all Geckos attack on sight, attempt to slip by as many as possible. Keep an eye out for Xander Root and Broc Flowers which the Medicine Man may use to produce Healing Powders. When you approach the dog, it will return to the settlement with you. Return to Nagor to get 100 XP.

3) Destroy the wicked plants that have taken over Hakunin’s garden.

The Medicine Man is located on the outskirts of the main settlement, to the north-west. Large plants have taken over his northern garden, and he has asked you to clean them off. The plants are tough to destroy, but they are confined to one location and have a restricted range. Return to the Medicine Man for 2 Healing Powders once you’ve slain them.

4) Track down Vic the Trader.

Vic may be located in The Den, therefore you’ll have to wait till you go there to do this task.

5) Repair Feargus’ well.

A broken well may be seen in the village’s center. Feargus is yelling about it right next to it. Repair the well for 100 XP, no matter what your Repair skill is.

6) Get flint so Mynoc may sharpen your spear.

The Canyon is located to the south of the settlement. Mynoc, a peasant, stands guard over the bridge. You’ll see his sharpened spear if you have Perception 6 or above. If you inquire about it, he will offer to sharpen your spear in exchange for a piece of Flint.

Return to the village and have a conversation with Aunt Morlis. She has a piece of Flint and will give it to you for free if you ask respectfully and pass the speech test. You may either bargain with her for it, steal it, or offer her 3 Healing Powders for it. It will lower your Karma if you steal it.

Return to Mynoc, and he will replace your Spear with a Sharpened Spear. He’ll give you one of his own if you don’t have any.

Temple of Trials (back) Klamath is up next.


Arroyo is a Spanish word that means “river bed” or “ravine.” It can be used as a synonym for the word ravine. Reference: arroyo synonym.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an arroyo in the desert?

A: An arroyo is a dry stream bed with steep sides and bottom. Its usually found in Southern California, where the water table rises out of reach of the surrounding terrain.

What is an arroyo in geology?

A: An arroyo is a dry valley that can be found in deserts. They are typically associated with rivers which have been rerouted or dammed, leaving behind a long and narrow bed of sand and other rock fragments deposited by the river as it cut through softer strata.

Is arroyo a real place?

A: Arroyo is a real place. Its the largest arid watercourse in the southwestern US

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